New Tracking System for California Students; Racist Groups Recruit From Military

By The News Jul 17, 2008

California Creates System to Track High School Dropout Rate More surprised by the number of Black and Latino students who don’t graduate high school than the many California activists that work on the issue, California’s public schools will soon give each student a nine-digit "student identifier" that makes tracking them across the Golden State much easier – and makes it far harder for school districts to fudge their numbers. Mercury News. White Supremacist Groups Recruit from Military "White-supremacist groups have recruited 203 people who served in the U.S. military or who claim to have U.S. military backgrounds, according to a new report by the FBI. The unclassified FBI Intelligence Assessment, issued last week and obtained by NBC News, cautions that white-power extremists are trying hard to recruit active-duty soldiers and recent veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan." MSNBC. NFL Hires Gang Sign Expert The NFL, worried that players are celebrating by displaying gang signs, have hired an expert to review game tapes. Los Angeles Times. Massachusetts Votes on Non-Resident Same-Sex Marriages "The Massachusetts state Senate has voted to repeal a 1913 law that prevents non-resident gay and lesbian couples from getting married there." UPI.