New Program Wants Iranian-American Filmmakers’ Short-Film Submissions

By Sameer Rao May 13, 2016

Two acclaimed filmmakers are looking for short films by Iranian-American or Iranian-Canadian filmmakers to accompany a tour of their own films. 

Sara Zia Ebrahimi (whose serio-comic web series "Bailout" we profiled last summer) and Lila Yomtoob (who won an Emmy for her work on the documentary "Baghdad ER") are asking for submissions for a film exhibition. The program would support a tour of Ebrahimi’s "The FBI Blew Up My Skates" and Yomtoob’s "America 1979."

"Our goal is to showcase talent, create community, and make the North American Iranian diasporic voice stronger," reads a statement on the submission site. "We plan to showcase the program at universities, community centers, non-profit organizations, micro cinemas, and have a few theatrical screenings around the country."

Click here for more details. Submissions are due May 30.