New Las Cafeteras Video ‘Mujer Soy’ Celebrates Everyday Struggles

By Jamilah King Mar 12, 2015

East LA band Las Cafeteras just released a new video for the song "Mujer Soy" and it’s a pretty incredible homage to the everyday work and worth of women:

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The video made by Elefante Collective features the dance remix collaboration with Yukicito, member of Los Angeles DJ Crew La Junta Sound System. The song carries consistent melodic hymns combined with the traditional folk sounds of flute and jarana. We asked the female members of the group, Leah Rose Gallegos, Annette Torres, and Denise Carlos about how the song came about. Denise said, "I introduced the words and stories to Leah and Annette during a "mujeres music" session we had at my home a few years back. They loved the idea of singing for and about womyn and the three of us created the melodies of the song, which we then presented to the other members of Las Cafeteras." The end result of "Mujer Soy" is an homage to their fellow sisters and each other.

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