New Game Brings ‘Trumpiñata’ to Your Phone

By Sameer Rao Nov 11, 2015

As Donald Trump continues to legitimize his* platform through mainstream entertainment avenues, piñatas in his likeness are appearing in neighborhoods around the country. 

Now, everybody with an Android device can partake in the symbolic bashing of Trump. Los Angeles-based video game and digital toy designer Alejandro Quan-Madrid created the "Trumpiñata" game with his friend Archie, who is simply referred to as "ArchieFromAmerica" on social media. The two form the core of the 4Livez design team. 

According to a statement from Quan-Madrid that was provided to Colorlines, the game has personal significance: 

Being half Chinese and Mexican, I feel like Trump’s comments really demonize both of my peoples. So I felt compelled to make this game. We noticed how popular Donald Trump piñatas had become throughout the hood and thought: why isn’t there a digital version? So then we made one.

Players smack around an imaginary Trump avatar that spouts the presidential candidate’s quotes upon impact. Players earn coins for each hit, which they can use to put different costumes (including the Monopoly man and a devil) on the avatar.

Although the game is currently only available for Android users, Quan-Madrid says an iOS version is coming soon. 

Check out the Trumpiñata trailer above, and click here to learn more about the game. 

*Post has been updated since publication