New Documentary ‘Soul Food Junkies’ Needs Your Support

Help filmmaker Byron Hurt complete his new documentary that examines this beloved African American food tradition.

By Noelle de la Paz Dec 01, 2011

Award-winning filmmaker Byron Hurt’s upcoming project traces his journey to learn more about the African American cuisine known as soul food. Spurred by his father’s love affair with soul food, which ultimately plays a part in his health troubles, Hurt explores the complexities of this beloved food tradition.

With origins in West Africa and deep roots in the black south, soul food has a complex history and considerable impacts on the health of the black community today. Examining both the benefits and harms, Hurt is telling an important and timely story of cultural identity, food access, and eating choices.

The documentary is near completion, but needs help from supporters to make it happen. You can find out more on the film’s Kickstarter page and donate directly to this project, which is sure to become a vital part of the discussion on food justice and health in communities of color.

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