New Documentary Alleges CDC Withheld Proof of Link Between Vaccines and Autism in Black Boys

By Kenrya Rankin Jan 26, 2016

There has long been a debate about the link between vaccinations and autism, beginning with a now widely discredited study from British medical researcher Andrew Wakefield. Now, a new documentary from alleges that not only is there a link, but that the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) covered it up.

In 2014, CDC doctor William Thompson sent Congress paperwork that he said was proof that the agency withheld data that suggested that Black boys who received the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine before the age of 36 months were at increased risk of developing autism. The CDC maintains that there was not enough data to draw race-based conclusions, and has an extensive post meant to debunk Thompson’s claims.

Released today, "Truth in Media: CDC, Vaccines and Autism" details the website’s investigation into the claim. Click here to watch the video and decide for yourself.

*Note: This story has been updated to include links to the CDC’s response to Thompson’s claims and’s post.