New App Shoots to Mobilize Latino Millenials Ahead of General Election

By Sameer Rao Jun 28, 2016

A new app aims to promote voter engagement among young Latinos—a group that could significantly influence the outcome of this year’s presidential election.

Unidos arose from a collaboration between immigrant community-focused media outlet Feet in 2 Worlds and design research and strategy agency L+R. According to a statement emailed to Colorlines, Feet in 2 Worlds developed Unidos with significant input from both Latino journalists and youth. The company has also partnered with nonprofit organizations like Mi Familia Vota, which focuses on voter engagement in Spanish-speaking communities.

The app features a curated news feed with stories in English and Spanish that cover topics relevant to young Latinos’ concerns. It also offers guides for navigating voter registration documents and reporting potential interference at voting centers.

Unidos also focuses on states like Florida and Colorado with large Latino populations that influenced the outcome of previous presidential elections. Reports like this one from the Pew Research Center suggest that despite increasing political engagement, Latino communities vote at a lower percentage than both Black and White communities. "Our aim is to get [young Latinos] excited about being part of the political process, and help them understand that they really can make a difference if they register and vote," Feet in 2 Worlds’ executive director John Rudolph said in the statement.

Unidos officially launches tomorrow (June 29). Apple iOS users can download the app here