New America Media Poll Finds Commitment to Race Relations

By The News Dec 12, 2007

Ethnic Media Poll Uncovers Interracial Conflict The first of its kind, this multilingual poll by New American Media to ethnic press outlets revealed tensions among racial groups but a commitment to race relations. New America Media. Sentencing Commission To Apply New Guidelines Retroactively Effecting 19,500 inmates–86% of whom are Black–the Sentencing Commission will reduce the sentences of drug offenders due to the recent Supreme Court decision. New York Times. NYPD Report Calls Racial Profiling ‘Trouble Spots’ While the NYPD-commissioned RAND Corporation study received relatively positive press, the report reveals 89% of all police stop-and-frisks are of people of color. However, the RAND Corporation concluded "NYPD Pedestrian Stop Patterns Mostly Racially Neutral, with Some Trouble Spots." Village Voice. "Sanctuary Cities" Draw Debate and Confusion Republican presidential candidates have accused each other of being soft on immigration by using the term sanctuary city, but some argue this term is much more complicated and requires more nuance than the current discourse. Chicago Tribune.