New America Ferrera-Produced Series Will Highlight LA’s Gentrification Woes

By Sameer Rao May 20, 2016

Los Angeles’ predominantly Latino Boyle Heights neighborhood takes center stage in an upcoming web comedy-drama series about gentrification. 

"Gente-Fied" stars co-executive producer American Ferrara in a supporting role alongside Alicia Sixtos ("East Los High"), Art Bonilla ("Coneheads") and Yareli Arizmendi ("Like Water for Chocolate") as characters on various sides of the neighborhood’s gentrification struggle. According to The Hollywood Reporter, "each episode is seen through the point of view of a different character—from the bi-cultural Latinos trying to celebrate their cultural roots to the old-school business owners trying to make sense of changes in the neighborhood that threaten their livelihoods."

Boyle Heights, like the rest of Los Angeles, feels the strain of intense gentrification. Some activists, as The Guardian reported in April, use hardline disruptive tactics to challenge economic threats that are pushing out working-class residents.

No release date has been set for the seven-episode series. Watch the "Gente-Fied" trailer above.