Nearly 80% of Ferguson Protestors Taken to St. Louis Jail are Missourians

By Aura Bogado Aug 21, 2014

The Washington Post reports that out of the 155 people arrested and taken to St. Louis County jail in connection to the demonstrations against the killing of Michael Brown, 123 are from Missouri–and out of those, nearly all are from the St. Louis area. Just last week, Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson blamed protests on what he called "outside agitators." The numbers obtained by the Washington Post paint a very different picture.

Not included in Washington Posts’s data are the numbers of people who were booked into municipal jails, so it’s possible these percentages will change. And we don’t know who, exactly, was arrested. For example, it appears that at least 12 out-of-town journalists may have been booked into St. Louis County jail; if that’s the case, the percentage of activists arrested from states other than Missouri drops down to just 13 percent.