Navanethem Pillay-New United Nations Human Rights Commissioner, Australia’s Shift in Immigration Policy

By The News Jul 29, 2008

Navanethem Pillay, Who Once Represented Nelson Mandela in Court, Has Become The New United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Navanethem Pillay has gone from representing Nelson Mandela in court, to being the first non-white woman appointed in South Africa’s High Court, to later being appointed as a judge on the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Her latest position as the new United Nations Human Rights Commissioner offers new opportunities. BBC News. Pleading Guilty For Protesting the Sean Bell Verdict Al Sharpton and 200 other people were arrested for several hours after leading a massive protest against the verdict given in the Sean Bell case. Mr. Sharpton and nine other activists have been offered no additional jail time only if they pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. New York Times. Man Shoots Church Over Liberal Views The Unitarian-Universalist Church is known for supporting women and gay rights. Jim D. Adkisson, a white man in his late 50’s, opened fire on at a Tennessee church allegedly in protest of their liberal views. Los Angeles Times. Australia’s Shifts the Policy Immigrant Detainees Automatic detention has been a policy Australia has been implementing towards immigrants that have arrived without visas since the 1990’s. After continued criticism, Australia has begun to review its immigration policy, recently terminating the automatic detention policy. The International Herald Tribune.