Native Americans March Cross-Country; Calderon Wants More Mexican Jobs

By The News Feb 13, 2008

In Dominican Republic, Cockfighting is Celebrated Many are comparing a recent video of Pedro Martinez and Juan Marichal, major league baseball players, at a cockfighting club in Dominican Republic to Michael Vick’s dogfighting and calling it inhumane. But Dominicans argue that cockfighting, like bullfighting in Spain, is legal, regulated, and celebrated there. New York Times. Longest Walk Calls Attention to Native American Sovereignty Nearly 200 people gathered for the first day of a five month cross-country walk to call attention to Native American sovereignty. The second march of its kind, the Longest Walk 2 began at Alcatraz Island and will end in Washington, D.C., this summer. Times Herald. Calderon: More Mexican Jobs Will Curb Immigration Amid US presidential campaign speeches, Felipe Calderon, Mexican President, visited the US to seek investments to create jobs in Mexico in a plan to reduce immigration across the border. Bloomberg.