National HIV testing day; Survey finds whites use hard drugs more than non-whites

By The News Jun 27, 2007

National HIV Testing Day. Tell your friends. Approximately one fourth of the estimated 1 million persons living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in the United States are unaware that they are infected with HIV and at risk for transmitting the virus to others.– All-white jury likely to hear racial fight case in Louisiana. In 2007, folks. The racial tension began in late August in Jena — a central Louisiana town of 2,900 with about 350 black residents — after a black student sat under a tree traditionally used as a gathering spot by white students. The next month, three nooses were hanging in the tree when students arrived on campus.–AP Charge reduced in ‘Jena 6’ case. Good news not good enough. Mychal Bell, 16, a former Jena High School football star, and five other black students had been facing the potential of up to 100 years in prison if convicted of attempted murder, conspiracy and other charges for the December beating of the white student, who was knocked unconscious but not hospitalized. The incident capped months of escalating racial tensions at the high school that began after several white youths hung nooses from a tree in the school courtyard in a taunt aimed at blacks.–Chicago Tribune. Feds suggest state GOP broke law in hiring immigrant to key post. Oh, so it’s only illegal when it’s not working for the GOP. Gotcha. The Chronicle reported Sunday that Kamburowski — an Australian immigrant who was hired as the GOP’s chief operations officer in March to oversee the party’s multi-million-dollar campaign accounts — was ordered deported in 2001, later was jailed on visa violations in 2004 and since has filed a $5 million wrongful arrest lawsuit against U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials, according to court documents on file in U.S. District Court.–SF Chronicle First black pilot to fly around world home at last. An inspiration. After two years of organizing, three months of flying and four continents visited, the 23-year-old Miami Gardens resident will become the youngest pilot — and first black — to fly solo around the world. –Miami Herald Pittsburgh: Wide Racial Income Disparity. Poverty being tied to single-motherhood. Tisk. In Pittsburgh, some 45 percent of black boys under the age of 17 live in poverty, compared with about 33 percent nationally. About 35 percent of black girls under the age of 17 live in poverty in the city, compared with just around 27 percent nationwide. –AP The War on Drugs is Still a War on Blacks. Hutchinson strikes again. The recent survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the sex and drug habits of Americans is the latest to toss an ugly glare on the naked race-tainted war on drugs. The survey found that whites are much more likely to use drugs than blacks. Other studies have found roughly equal rates of drug usage by blacks and whites. But what makes the survey more eye-catching is that it didn’t solely measure generic drug use, but singled out the use of cocaine and street drugs. –New America Media