Nas Joins ColorofChange in Fight Against Fox News’ Racist Attacks

By Jonathan Adams Jul 22, 2008

We were just talking about Nas. He recently announced with the release of his latest album that he and other hip hop artists were much better suited to lead the civil rights movement than Jesse Jackson. Always a political lyricist, Nas’ collaboration with is more proof that the hip hop generation wants its voices to be heard on issues of injustice.

Hip hop star Nas will join members of & on Wednesday to deliver 620,127 petition signatures demanding that FOX end its pattern of racist attacks against Black Americans including presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. The group will make the delivery at 2:00pm on Wednesday, July 23rd at FOX in Manhattan. "FOX poisons the country with racist propaganda and tries to call it news," said Nas. He caught and’s attention with a new song called Sly Fox, which has lyrics like, "Watch what you watchin’, FOX keeps feeding us toxins, Stop sleeping, Start thinking" and "I pledge allegiance to the fair and balanced truth/Not the biased truth/Not the liar’s truth/But the highest truth." Nas’s new album called [Untitled] was released last week.