NAACP Says Pictures Tell a Thousand (Racist) Words

As debate over the resolution continues, NAACP blogs out proof of its need.

By Jorge Rivas Jul 19, 2010

Since 2,000 NAACP delegates unanimously passed a resolution calling on the Tea Party to condemn racism within its movement, everybody from Joe Biden to Sarah Palin has chimed in with opinions. Indeed, some Tea Partiers themselves have responded a bit too eagerly and proved the NAACP’s point in the process. The National Federation of Tea Parties had to expel both the Tea Party Express and its leader Mark Williams after Williams published a blog post in which he parodied the NAACP asking Abraham Lincoln to repeal emancipation:

How will we Colored People ever get a wide screen TV in every room if non-coloreds get to keep what they earn? Totally racist! The tea party expects coloreds to be productive members of society? 

Mr. Lincoln, you were the greatest racist ever. We had a great gig. Three squares, room and board, all our decisions made by the massa in the house. Please repeal the 13th and 14th Amendments and let us get back to where we belong.

Meanwhile, NAACP offices across the country have received hate mail and death threats. The NAACP blog has posted an audio recording of a death threat left on the answering machine of its Hollywood bureau.

Still, debate over whether the NAACP was out of line with its resolution continues. The resolution charges that Tea Party supporters have engaged in "explicitly racist behavior" and have "displayed signs and posters intended to degrade people of color generally and President Barack Obama specifically." To wit, the organization compiled the slide show above. Judge for yourself.