MVL: The “Un-Impossible Dream” of Education Equity

By Jonathan Adams Apr 17, 2008

Originally published at the Movement Vision Lab By Susan Sandler, Justice Matters Mainstream conversations about education lack any real sense of vision for what education could and should be. We are allowed a tiny, cramped vision in the economic sphere when we are told that schools should prepare all students for jobs that earn decent wages. Or that our schools can bring us general economic prosperity (by winning competitions with schools elsewhere, of course!) Economic security is extremely important, and we need an even bolder, more thoughtful vision for how our schools contribute to that. But our vision for schools should also encompass much more. Justice Matters works for policies that are shaped by a vision for education. We see our vision as a “racial justice” vision that is informed by the experiences, values, and wisdom of communities of color. This vision is also a vision based on “community values”—we believe that the education experience should involve a community taking care of and teaching each other and that it prepares students to contribute to a society that does the same. Some elements of this vision are that: For more.