Must See: John Pilger’s freedom series

By The News Jul 30, 2007

Investigative reporter and social justice writer John Pilger is touring the country with his latest book "Freedom Next Time" that looks at historical places of infreedom. Last month, I reviewed the book that focused on places like Afghanistan and South Africa, after I saw him speak about the anniversary of Israel’s occupation of Palestine. I’m writing about him again because I watched his video reports this weekend. They vividly look at what freedom really means in Palestine and South Africa. Pilger lands some classic interviews with people he says are propagating renewed, racial oppression in these regions. His films made me angry, but most of all, hungry to internationalize my scope of racial justice work. Check out this part 4 of Apartheid Did Not Die. In this, Pilger confronts a mine-company spokesperson who can’t say anything about the thousands of deaths and injuries Black miners still suffer in South Africa. He also talks to Nelson Mandela, someone Pilger claims made a deal with whites promising they’d maintain economic control over South Africa after apartheid. Apartheid Did Not Die, John Pilger. View full piece on YouTube.