Muslim Girls on Minneapolis B-Ball Team Design Culturally Appropriate Uniforms

By Kenrya Rankin Jun 10, 2015

Now, a group of Muslim students in Minneapolis can score points and be culturally and religiously appropriate on the court. The girls, who play for the Cedar-Riverside community basketball team, partnered with the University of Minnesota Design School and the Tucker Center for Research on Girls and Women in Sport to create a new uniform that meets all their needs. 

“I don’t even have to focus about what I’m wearing. I just play the game,” Sihal Ali, the team’s point guard, told local station KARE-11 about the new uniform. Before the redesign, the girls wore a long skirt and traditional hijab that they felt got in the way of their game. “I wouldn’t be able to do moves or anything because of my skirt and every time I run my wrap will keep falling,” Ali explained. 

The new uniforms, which were sewn by community members, pair a long tunic with leggings and tighter-fitting hijab. Watch the girls in action below.