Muslim Americans Suing to Remove Names From No Fly List

At least 700,000 people are now on the terrorist watch list.

By Carla Murphy Apr 25, 2014

Naveed Shinwari is one of four Muslims who this week filed a lawsuit against the government claiming they were placed on the "no-fly" list after refusing to become FBI informants and spy on their communities. At least 700,000 people are now part of the Terrorist Screening Database, or, the terrorist watch list, which, according to a New York Times analysis, lacks oversight. The government doesn’t confirm or deny whether someone is on the list, divulge criteria for "no-fly" exclusion and it isn’t clear, experts say, whether the government even periodically reviews the list.

Shinwari, who found out in March 2012 that he was on the no-fly list while flying to Orlando for a job interview, seeks removal from the list as well as a legal mechanism to challenge placement on it.

(h/t Democracy Now)