Musharraf resigns, ushering new political era in Pakistan

By The News Aug 18, 2008

Musharraf announces resignation Saying that he was putting "national interest" over "personal bravado," Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf announced his resignation after nine years of service. Rather than going through an impeachment process, the new coalition government can now elect through a parliamentary vote. New York Times Pope voices concerns about racism Pope Benedict XVI has chimed in on the heavy immigration debate going on in Rome. Recent crackdowns on illegal immigration has also led to increased militarization; the Pope claims that while racism is linked to social and economic situations, those do not justify contempt and outright discrimination. BBC News Israel ends immigration from Ethiopia Israeli officials have curbed immigration from the northern Ethiopian region of Gondar, where many Ethiopian Jews have lived or migrated for years. Groups like the Falash Mura have struggled to prove their Jewishness, which many officials have described as "tenuous at best," despite lacking a universal definition. Baltimore Sun