Murder of young Black hopefuls stuns community; key Katrina case heard

By The News Aug 07, 2007

Community livid after ‘good kids’ executed at school. This is terrible. They were on the cusp of adulthood: four friends who made music together and were preparing to return to the college where their friendship had blossomed.An apparent robbery attempt by several assailants made the four the latest victims in this city where the murder rate has risen 50 percent since 1998.–CNN Federal appeals courts to hear key Katrina insurance case. Not keeping my fingers crossed. A federal appeals court is reviewing a judge’s verdict in a groundbreaking trial over Hurricane Katrina damage, a case that could affect many of the lawsuits that Mississippi homeowners filed against insurers in the storm’s aftermath.–AP Lament for Vibe Vixen. Is it time for a new Essence? The same industry that will relentlessly serve up ten different variations on a magazine aimed at young white women from ages 25-40 seems to feel as though African-American women can be served with one main magazine (Essence), that all that is Latin-American can be encapsulated within the covers of Latina, and that Asian American women largely do not exist.–Racialicious None So Blind as the ‘Color Blind’. Well put. No matter how many times a disturbed white male shoots up a school, church or workplace, bombs an abortion clinic or is arrested for being a serial killer, nobody raises questions like: is something wrong with white suburban culture?–Alternet. College Board cool to AP course in African-American history. Because Blacks played no part, right? The College Board, the New York-based nonprofit group that operates advanced placement, said it has no plans to develop an African-American history course.–Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Latinos are wasting their political potential. Not so well put. That was the comment one young man gave a Sun-Times reporter writing about the dismal number of Latinos who voted in 2006. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, only 13 percent of the Hispanic population voted in 2006. While that was a 1 percent increase from 2002, in contrast, 39 percent of all whites and 27 percent of all African Americans headed to the polls in 2006.–Chicago Sun-Times Latino gang makes blacks its target in Canoga Park. Shame. The Latino gang hasn’t hidden the fact that it targets African-Americans in this community, which just two years ago earned the prestigious All-AmericaCity designation, largely due to its racial diversity.–LA Daily News