This Multiracial ‘People’s Caravan’ is Trekking from the RNC to the DNC to Condemn Election-Season Hate

By Yessenia Funes Jul 21, 2016

Among the various protestors at the RNC is a multiracial collective of activists traveling under the name It Takes Roots to Change the System People’s Caravan. Today (July 21), it is announcing its pilgrimage from Cleveland to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

The Grassroots Global Justice Alliance organized the caravan, which includes activists from Asian Pacific Environmental Network, the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras, Communities for a Better Environment and the Indigenous Environmental Network. These Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, Black, Muslim, and working-class White organizers are collaborating “to pledge resistance to racism, hate and misogyny,” which they say has pervaded this election season.

Did you hear about the #WallOffTrump action yesterday (July 20)? The People’s Caravan was involved in that. Today, the coalition is taking a public pledge outside the RNC, inviting anyone near them to join. 

The group of 45 will be on the road until July 28, with some heading home July 26. In between now and then, they’ll be stopping in Baltimore and Pittsburgh, taking part in a panel, a "toxic tour" and community dinners. They raised more than $42,000 to make this possible.

One of their honored guests is Laura Yolanda Zuñiga Cáceres, daughter of Berta Cáceres, the Honduran Indigenous environmental activist who was assassinated earlier this year.

“All along the route with powerful art and visuals,” a press release sent to Colorlines reads, “It Takes Roots organizers will lift up the message that Berta Cáceres did not die when she was assassinated, she multiplied in the thousands of activists demanding justice for all communities’ struggles for land, water, and human rights.”