The Morning Browse: Unemployment Insurance Not Extended, Haitian Disaster Capitalism, Accomplice to Oscar Grant Shooter Fired

By Seth Freed Wessler Mar 26, 2010

Almost 15 months after Oscar Grant was brutally murdered by BART police in Oakland, California, the department finally fired the cop who helped detain the 22 before he was killed. A US owned cell phone company is trying to convince the Haitian government to drop plans to rebuild phone lines and sign a contract with the company to go totally cellular. The proposal, which appears to be getting a real hearing from the Haitian government, glistens with all the trappings of disaster capitalism. Obama will announce the latest iteration of in a line of plans to help “troubled” homeowners. Once again, the plan appears to do nothing new for those whose homes are worth less than their mortgages. In the face of what seems like a sure bet that Congress will repeal the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy, military leadership have made it more difficult to discharge people because of their sexual orientation. In the same announcement though, the Pentagon announced it was conducting a study on how to best implement the change, warning against the “dangers” of hasty Congressional action. As Congress goes on recess, millions of Americans receiving unemployment insurance are bracing to lose their benefits on April 5th. Senate Republicans refused to pass the extension before leaving for break. Democracy Now! interviews Colorlines’ Kai Wright and Robert Johnson, asking whether the proposed financial regulation bill will actually reform Wall Street. The answer: not so much. The US Department of Justice civil rights division is spending more time investigating the New Orleans Police Department than it is with any other law enforcement agency in the country. The increased investigation comes, in large part, as a result of police violence after Katrina.