The Morning Browse: Unemployment Benefits, Unemployment Rates, Republican Census Angst

By Seth Freed Wessler Apr 05, 2010

As many as 400,000 will see their unemployment insurance benefits cut off today after Congress failed to extend the program before going on break last week. Meanwhile, a new industry dedicated entirely to helping employers fight unemployment benefit payments is showing record profits. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens left no doubt that he will resign in Obama’s first term. The justice is considered by many to be the court’s most liberal members. In a rather disingenuous turn following lots of anti-census rhetoric, some Republicans are now worried that anti-government Tea Party activism could lead many to refuse to fill out the census. The result, they fear, would be to reduce the number of GOP seats in Congress. Farmers of color across the country are pushing Obama to compensate them for USDA loan discrimination. New unemployment numbers were released and, as many predicted, white jobless rate is steady as those for Blacks and Latinos continue to rise. The administration’s race-blind approach to unemployment is proving itself inadequate.