The Morning Browse: Immigration Reform Rollout; ‘Zero-Tolerance’ Racism; Cutting Kids off Health Insurance

By Seth Freed Wessler Mar 19, 2010

A North Carolina lawsuit takes on “zero-tolerance” school discipline policies on the grounds that they deny Black students the right to an education. Nationwide, Black students are suspended at three times the rate of whites, contributing to the “school to prison pipeline.” Arizona became the first state to drop the Children’s Health Insurance Program and will soon rollback Medicaid for adults without kids. It’s the latest in a line of state cuts to programs for low-income people. Senators Schumer and Graham outlined their immigration bill yesterday. It’s filled with promises of more enforcement and a temporary worker program. In the final days of the healthcare push, Republicans and some Democrats are again using abortion to challenge the whole bill. Tavis Smiley will host a nationally televised forum on Saturday to discuss Obama’s track record on race. The forum follows recent statements by the Congressional Black Caucus that the recent jobs bill fails to deal with high rates of Black and brown unemployment.