The Morning Browse: Haitians Survivors Locked Up in US jails, GOP Woos Tea Party Members, It’s Census Day

By Seth Freed Wessler Apr 01, 2010

The New York Times reports that Immigration and Customs Enforcement has jailed at lease 30 Haitian earthquake survivors brought to the US by the US Marines. The men and women "were pulled from the rubble," boarded on US planes and then locked up in immigration detention when they arrived. The White House held a meeting yesterday to discuss ways to modernize workplaces to make them more flexible for parents dealing with the increasingly impossible balance between raising children and working to support them. The US is delaying the visa applications of people with Muslim-sounding last names. As the State Department runs checks on applicants, those with Muslim names are finding their applications held up in administrative tangles. The GOP is explicitly targeting Tea Party members to pull them into the Republican Party fold in the run up to the November elections. The move shows signs of anxiety among party leadership about a fracturing party. It also threatens to further embolden the Tea Party movement. In the midst of multiple concerted constitutional attacks on the new health insurance bill, Think Progress reports that college debate organizers can’t locate a single law professor who will make the argument for the bill’s unconstitutionality. So much for that last ditch Republican scramble to kill health care reform. The LA Times reports on the impact of bus cuts for those who still have jobs in the Great Recession. One "majority-black, working-class suburb" outside of Atlanta, "killed off its local bus system Wednesday over concerns about a $19-million countywide budget shortfall." Residents are not stranded. Cities across the country including LA and New York are making similar bus line cuts or raising transit fares. And lastly, today is census day. Fill it out. Get Counted.