The Morning Browse: Green Jobs Build Communities, WashPost Wilding Out and Wealth Gaps

By Kai Wright Mar 24, 2010

ColorLinesTV profiles three green jobs projects that show how we can end the jobless recovery while tackling long-standing challenges in communities of color. NYT profiles the big idea that health insurance reform is part of President Obama’s effort to reverse the growing wealth gap, but the paper of record manages to completely ignore the massive racial wealth gap that has driven wealth inequality. National Urban League’s annual State of Black America is out today, stressing the need for a massive jobs bill to stop the spiraling unemployment in Black and Latino neighborhoods. The average homeowner in the president’s foreclosure relief program is underwater, HuffPo reports. The program does nothing to address principle, despite loud advocacy from the start that this oversight would render the effort meaningless. WashPost media critic Tom Shales wilded out yesterday over ABC choosing Christiane Amanpour to host This Week, cspeculating about how her Iranian background impacts her coverage, among other things. Salon’s Glenn Greenwald called Shales out and The American Prospect’s Adam Serwer points out Shales’ open misogyny in a live chat on the paper’s site. While WashPost’s On Faith column profiles Muslim troops facing anti-Muslim hysteria inside the U.S. Armed Forces.