More Love for the Modest Heros of Tucson

After days of modest brilliance, Daniel Hernandez is stunned into silence at memorial service.

By Jamilah King Jan 13, 2011

Daniel Hernandez continues to charm his way into the national spotlight. Nearly a week after he helped save Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ life during the deadly shooting rampage in Tucson, he earned the praise of President Obama during a memorial service Thursday night at the University of Arizona. In front of thousands of mourners, the president commended Hernandez for his bravery. "Daniel, I’m sorry and you may deny it but we’ve decided that you are a hero because you ran through the chaos to administer to your boss and tended to her wounds and helped keep her alive," the president said to a rousing applause. Watch more in the video above.

Hernandez’s stoic reaction to the president’s comments is also noteworthy. He stood solemnly with his hands clasped in front of him while thousands of people cheered around him. Our own Jorge Rivas called it "Operation Shock and Awe" because Hernandez appeared to be too jarred to react to such high praise. But the love rang loud and clear, for Hernandez, and Patricia Maisch, the woman who wrestled away the alleged gunman’s ammunition.

He has a similar approach, albeit slightly less stunned, in interviews over the past week. It’s refreshing to see that at only 20-years-old, the University of Arizona student exhibits more maturity than most politicians who seem to be looking only to feast off of tragedy for political gain.

And with that, Daniel Hernandez gets a second dose of love this week, celebrating the big love showed to him on Wednesday night.

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