More Jail Space Instead of Detention Centers; $500 Million Dollars for Racial Slur

By The News Oct 17, 2007

Virginia Rejects Illegal Detention Center Proposal; Decides on More Jail Space The Virginia State Panel decided against a proposal to build a state-run detention center for illegal immigrants. On the flip side, however, the panel recommended spending money to build more jail space to house immigrants awaiting deportation. Local jail officials have been instructed to check the immigration status of all inmates, and denying bail to illegal immigrants who have committed crimes. State laws on the issue of illegal immigration continue to become harsh and unforgiving. NY Times Racial Harassment in PA High School Parents of students at Warwick High School in Lititz, PA, have had enough of the racial intimidation experienced by their children. Students remark that the increase in students of color has led to a rise in incidents of racism. US News Filipinos Sue ABC for $500 Million in Racial Slur Lawsuit The Filipino community is making sure that the ABC Network hears them loud and clear with a $500 million dollar lawsuit being filed for a racial slur in the hit TV show, Desperate Housewives. While some consider the action over-the-top for a ‘petty’ incident, the Filipino community is making sure that racial slurs are not tolerated nor perpetuated. Free Republic