More Child Miners in West Africa; Foreign Policy Focus As Georgia Attacks Continues

By The News Aug 12, 2008

New Trend of Child Miners In West Africa As gold prices rise in West Africa there has also been an increase in child miners. Children as young as 4 years old are working. Child labor is illegal but in these mines no legal investigation has been done.International Herald Tribune. Foreign Policy Once Again a Focus in the 2008 Elections Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain have condemned Russia’s attack on Georgia. Both have called for an end to the hostility and promise that once in office foreign policy will be a top priority.Los Angeles Times. Graduation Rate For High School Students Increases 55.8% of high school students in New York have been recorded as having graduated in 2007. This is a new increase in the graduation rate in the past decade. However, there has been a downfall in students who have learned English and who are able to take rigorous programs offered in the education system. New York Times. Al Sharpton Protests Chicago Public Schools Funding Inequity The Rev. Al Sharpton has joined the movement in Chicago to protest the lack of funding for Chicago public schools. On September 2nd, Al Sharpton with students will boycott the first school day to bring focus to the education system in Chicago.Chicago Sun Times.