More Cheesesteak, Less Hate

A Philly cheesesteak at Joe's comes with a side of justice.

By Aura Bogado Aug 16, 2013

A Phili cheesesteak restaurant did the right thing and changed its name recently, from "Chink’s Steaks" to "Joe’s Steaks + Soda Shop." Never ones to let a good deed go unpunished, racists have steadily attacked the establishment–bombarding Joe’s Facebook page, organizing a boycott, and going as far as to vandalize the restaurant itself.

That’s why 18 Million Rising is organizing a massive eat-in at Joe’s this Saturday. They’re asking members and friends to celebrate owner Joe Groh’s decision to change his restaurant’s name by patronizing the joint. The action starts Saturday at 1pm local time, when guests will be lining up outside of Joe’s, hungry for cheesesteaks, sodas, and justice!