More Buzz About Jindal as McCain’s VP

By Jonathan Adams Jul 22, 2008

Louisiana police are zapping Black men to death while Bobby Jindal, the Pelican State’s governor, creates buzz around a possibly joining John McCain on the GOP ticket. During his appearance on the Tonight Show, Jindal broached the topic lightlly saying, "Jay, again, I would be honored but I have a job to do and that is to be the governor of all of the people in Louisiana, republicans and democrats, rich and poor, young and old." This is favorite part of the interview with Leno: "I am pleased that the son of an Indian immigrant could become Governor in the Deep South. I was born in Baton Rouge, am an American and am dedicated to turning Louisiana around after years of neglect and poor leadership." Maybe McCain and Jindal both think that being a person of color and child of immigrants on the GOP ticket is enough to speak to a different audience, but Jindal’s policies in Louisiana say something different. If Jindal really wants to turn his state around, he should probably start by making a fair justice system where all the state’s residents can be granted a fair trial by a jury of her peers and where arrests don’t end in death.