More Border Control Technology; NO to Condoms in Prisons

By The News Oct 16, 2007

Increase in Border Control Technology The U.S Senate has increased spending on border control surveillance and technology by $4 billion dollars in the wake of the Global Border Security Conference and Technology Expo to be held next year in Austin. This increase in spending clearly marks administrative priorities, but stirs up the same old concerns about overexceeding the budget and the use of American tax dollars. ad-hoc-news State of California Says NO to Condoms in Prisons A bill that would allow non-profit healthcare agencies to distribute condoms in prisons to reduce the spread of HIV and other STDs amongst California state inmates was rejected by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. California’s prison health care system continues to be overburdened and poorly maintained. PRnewswire Post 9/11 Spying The ACLU and other civil liberties groups are challenging the the Bush Administration’s policies on domestic intelligence gathering. The fight to define rights of freedom continues as the government makes exceptions in terms of accessing civilian’s private informaiton in the name of national security. Alternet