MLK’s Niece: Gay Marriage Is “Genocide”

Uses King's legacy to help build her case.

By Naima Ramos-Chapman Aug 10, 2010

Alveda King, niece of legendary civil rights activist Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., went on a anti-gay rant recently when she spoke at a rally hosted by the National Organization of Marriage. In short, she compares same-sex marriage to "genocide." 

Blogger Rod McCullom transcribes parts of the speech at Rod 2.0:

It’s been statistically proven that … [marriage] guarantees the continuity of the generations. We don’t want genocide, we don’t want to destroy the sacred institution of marriage.


The best guard against extinction is marriage between one man and one woman raising those children. Statistics keep proving that when a male father and a female mother come together and they make a baby and raise the children, the children actually do better. They do better than families that are divorced, and I know that first hand.

How King came to the conclusion that allowing gays to marry would somehow affect the human population to the point of extinction is mind-boggling to say the least, but as McCollum points out,  where she lacks factual credibility is when she sadly tries to recoup with her familial ties to Dr. King:

King also rejected MLK’s widow’s famous support for gay rights and marriage equality, saying that she "shared" Dr. King’s "DNA" and Coretta Scott King was "only related … through marriage." Alveda King also refused to answer what she thought "would happen if white people were allowed to vote" on civil rights in the 1950s and 1960s. Alveda King–who has had two abortions and admits to being "the first in the King family to have a divorce"–has previously said "everybody uses Martin Luther King Jr.’s name for their own benefit." Truer words were never spoken.

King only proves too well that the apple can fall way, way far from the tree. So although King may benefit from having that famous last name, she has certainly lost some of the Civil Rights leader’s most valuable lessons.