MLK Day Calls For A Closer Look at King, Racism Today; Schools Get Off Track

By The News Jan 19, 2009

A Different Kind of King We have mythologized Martin Luther King and his dream, but we should take a closer look at King’s direct challenge for all Americans, rather than remain complacent and comforted by his optimism, particularly in light of tomorrow’s Presidential Inauguration and its historic implications. Oregon Live. Generation Gap In the Fight Against Racial Divide There is no doubt that racism is over, but young activists are addressing the problem differently than their progressive predecessors.The State. Racial Equality Within Sight, Discrimination Keeps It Out of Reach A recent poll lets America chime in on the state of race between Blacks and whites. Many believe the end of inequality is near, but people’s experiences of discrimination are far from over within their own communities. Washington Post. New Leadership, New Literature? A teacher feels that Obama’s impending inauguration marks the beginning of a new chapter in African-American history, which in turn, may require a change in the classic literary curriculum that still includes work depicting blacks as uneducated and underachieving. Los Angeles Times. The Problem with ‘Sorting’ Kids in School "Is it best to strain ourselves and our children trying to raise everyone to a higher academic level, or does it make more sense to prepare each child for a life in which he or she will be comfortable?" The debate continues on which is the more necessary approach: tracking students based on their assumed capabilities, or to teach and encourage all kids to strive for the same level of achievement. Washington Post.