Mitt Romney + Poor People = Hilarious? [Video]

Comedian Elon James White takes on Romney's 'The poor are taken care of' comment.

By Jorge Rivas Oct 26, 2012

In the fifth Actually… video Elon James White tries to figure out what Mitt Romney means when he says, "The poor are taken care of." White is a Brooklyn-based comedian, writer and creator of the award-winning web series "This Week in Blackness," a satirical look at race, politics and pop-culture in a so-called "post-racial" America and the award winning radio show "TWiB Radio." White’s video, published on on Wednesday, is part of the "Actually…" series, a collaboration between American Bridge 21st Century and the Jewish Council for Education and Research (JCER.) The founders of say their plan is to work with comedians to make sure lies don’t go unchecked in politics. "The Actually..". ad campaign (which was the [#1 political ad campaign last week]( according to the WSJ) was created by Elon James White and the co-creator of "The Daily Show" Lizz Winstead. You can tune in to White’s radio show "TWiB Radio" Monday through Thursday at 1:30pm EST. Watch the show at [TV.TWIB.ME ]( or listen at [TWIB.FM.]( **An earlier version of this story misidentified the name of White’s radio show.*