Mitt Romney has said dozens of times he would veto the DREAM Act dozens of times but in a recent interview with the conservative site Newsmax on Friday, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee suggested he favored a path to permanent status for young undocumented immigrants through higher education.

"For those that are here as the children of those who came here illegally, I want to make sure they have a permanent answer to what their status will be," Romney told Newsmax.

"I’ve indicated in my view that those who serve in the military and have advanced degrees would certainly qualify for that kind of permanent status," Romney went on to say.

Benjy Sarlin at Talking Points Memo points out this a major departure from Romney’s previous stance that only military service should be considered as a valid path to permanent status.

Talking Points Memo contacted Romney reps and report the following: 

A spokeswoman for Romney, Andrea Saul and Ryan Williams, referred TPM to Romney’s longtime position that legal immigrants who obtain advanced degrees in the United States should have a green card stapled to their diploma. A second Romney spokesman pointed to the same legal immigration position. But Romney states quite clearly in the latest interview that he’s referring to the children of illegal immigrants — meaning that he either misstated his own position on who should qualify for the DREAM Act, or came up with a new one entirely. They did not immediately respond to follow up questions regarding the apparent inconsistency.