Misspellings and Strategies: Inside Buchanan’s Radical Right-Wing Agenda

By Cindy Von Quednow Jun 23, 2009

By now, you’ve probably already seen this hilarious and ironic picture in other blog sites, but let me reiterate. Here you see conservative commentator Pat Buchanan and accused white supremacist Peter Brimelow at a conference discussing how to win back white Democrats. Their strategy, diligently described by ThinkProgress: make America an English-only country. But if they want to see this, and it looks like they really do, they might want to learn how to spell conference correctly, as that is not what it says on the huge banner over their heads… Oh the irony! But most blogs have not gone beyond the punchline and have missed the real meat of this gathering. As much as we can make fun of these guys, and call them dumb racist for making up the word "Conferenece," what we get is a real outline and view into the right’s strategy for accomplishing such a backward goal. ThinkProgress actually sat through their brainstorm and recorded audio as well. Here is a snip it of Pat and Peter’s master plan:

PETER BRIMELOW: I really do recommend the language issue because you know that polls better than immigration and affirmative action. Eighty-five percent of Americans say they would favor official language policy. The wonderful thing about this issue if you look at what’s going to actually happen here is you’re going to find that the Obama administration is going to gradually institute institutional bilingualism in the country. It’s going to be required to speak Spanish in key positions, the police force and so on. This is a direct attack on the American working class because they are not going to be bilingual.

Listen to an audio clip here. There you have it folks, insider information on how to regain the conservative majority. Despite, or perhaps because of Buchanan’s skewed view of the world, the former third party candidate for president continues to have a lot of clout among his followers and is legitimized by the so-called left leaning media. Hopefully this peek into their strategy, and aversion to spell check, will serve their rivals well.