MIssouri Voter ID Law Wants Proof of Citizenship; “Something Wrong” With NYPD

By The News May 12, 2008

Missouri Lawmakers Want Voters to Prove Citizenship Following Arizona’s lead, Missouri want to take the recent Supreme Court ruling on Voter IDs a step further. The state’s lawmakers are introducing a constitutional amendment that would require voters to present proof of citizenship despite significant evidence of voter fraud. New York Times. Supreme Court Can’t Block Apartheid Lawsuits "The Supreme Court said Monday that it can’t intervene in an important dispute over the rights of apartheid victims to sue U.S. corporations in U.S. courts because four of the nine justices had to sit out the case over apparent conflicts." Washington Post. California’s Low-Income Gifted Students Get Ignored "With schools under intense pressure from state and federal mandates such as No Child Left Behind to raise test scores of low-achieving pupils, the educational needs of gifted students — who usually perform well on standardized tests — too often are ignored, advocates say." Los Angeles Times. NYPD Harasses High-Ranking Black Cop The New York Police Department has gone on record to say the treatment of off-duty, Chief Douglas Zeigler, the head of the NYPD’s Community Affairs Bureau and the highest uniformed black officer on the force, was "discourteous," but many civil rights advocates argue this is another incident in a string of incidents that proves, "something is wrong with our police department and their interactions with people of color." Newsday.