Mississippi Ordered to Stop Segregating Its Schools

By Julianne Hing Apr 14, 2010

The Department of Justice announced that a federal judge ordered a Mississippi county to stop the illegal practice of allowing white students to transfer out of their assigned high schools to the county’s only white-majority high school. The Washington Post reports that over the years, Whitehall County in Mississippi had allowed hundreds of white students to transfer out of their Tylertown high schools that have a 75 percent Black student population to the smaller Salem Attendance Center, with a 66 percent white student population. The Department of Justice, which moved to enforce the law against Whitehall County, said schools also had a practice of clustering white students together in classrooms, which led to all-Black classes in every grade. From the DOJ press release:

"Indeed, evidence in the case suggested that the community regarded certain schools in the district as "white schools" or "black schools."

But lest people cluck their tongues at sad, backwards Mississippi, the resegregation of American public schools is not a new trend, and certainly not one confined to Mississippi.