In Minneapolis, Columbus Day Becomes Indigenous People’s Day

By Julianne Hing Apr 25, 2014

Today the 13-member Minneapolis City Council unanimously voted to recognize another holiday on the same day as Columbus Day: Indigenous People’s Day.

"This has been a long time coming and people are going to feel really good about how we’re moving forward and advancing a racial equity agenda that really elevates the voice and contributions of American Indian people," said the resolution’s author, council member Alondra Cano, CBS reported.

The name change came after "many" years of advocacy by Native American activists, the StarTribune reported. Hundreds came out to the city council for this morning’s vote.

The new name will replace Columbus Day on all city communications and will go into effect this year, but won’t officially do away with the name Columbus Day. Rather, Minneapolis will also recognize Indigenous People’s Day on the same date, the StarTribune reported.

Head to the StarTribune website for some great photos of today’s vote.