“A Mighty Heart” hits theatres: “Is white the new black?”

By Malena Amusa Jun 22, 2007

"A Mighty Heart," the trailer, where Angelina Jolie plays a Black woman of mixed heritage. Some of you wrote in about Angelina Jolie’s latest movie role in "A Mighty Heart" where she dons some brown/black face to play a woman of color. Jolie is white. One commenter, Jasmine, said: "Everyone is looking at this as a "SKIN TONE" issue. Who cares? The day Lindsey Lohan is cast to play Rosa Parks, THEN we can have a real conversation as to who should be playing who!" Is skin tone such a flippant issue? Well, here, in Is white the new black? Orville Lloyd Douglas reports for Straight.com about why he thinks skin tone is indicative of white patriarchal dominance in the movies and the world, we’re out here to challenge. Check out this great read.