Michigan Public Schools Going Broke, and Other News

By The News Jul 21, 2009

Detroit Schools on the Brink of Bankruptcy The Detroit Public School District is facing a decision to file for protection under federal bankruptcy laws by the end of summer. Education and legal experts say the decision would be unprecedented in the US. Blackfeet Cultural Leader Dies Clarence "Curly Bear" Wagner, an American Indian historian who pushed for the return of ancestral remains from museums to their tribes, has died at age 64. Border Enforcement Threatens Trade Jobs A report released today by the national chambers of commerce in the U.S. and Canada found more than 10 million cross border trade jobs are threatened by increased costs and regulations along US borders. Young Voter of Color Participation Surged in 2008 New census data shows that young people made up 49 percent of voters last year compared to 47 percent in 2004. Young Black voters had the highest turnout rate out at 55 percent, an 8 percent increase from the last election.