Michelle Obama: Let’s Make Schools Feed Kids Real Food

The First Lady plugs the policy-meat on the bones of her childhood obesity campaign.

By Kai Wright Aug 02, 2010

Michelle Obama plugs the meat on the bones of her childhood obesity intiative in a Washington Post op-ed today. Obama’s "Let’s Move!" campaign started off by urging parents to make healthy choices for their kids, but she’s spent as much time drawing attention to the responsibilities of industry and government as she has the duties of parents. She’s been pushing food manufacturers to make real food and lobbying Congress to make schools feed students stuff that doesn’t kill them, through the Child Nutrition Bill. In today’s op-ed, after pointing out uniquely high obesity rates among kids of color, Obama writes,

But even if we all work to help our kids lead healthy lives at home, they also need to stay healthy and active at school.


To start, the bill will make it easier for the tens of millions of children who participate in the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program — and many others who are eligible but not enrolled — to get the nutritious meals they need to do their best. It will set higher nutritional standards for school meals by requiring more fruits, vegetables and whole grains while reducing fat and salt. It will offer rewards to schools that meet those standards. And it will help eliminate junk food from vending machines and a la carte lines — a major step that is supported by parents, health-experts, and many in the food and beverage industry.

Read Obama’s whole op-ed here.