Michel Martin Gets Her Own Live Show With NPR

By Jamilah King Sep 15, 2014

Michele Martin, the host of the recently canceled NPR show "Tell Me More," is getting her own live show, according to a press release sent out on Monday. "Rather than having the subjects of her stories come to her, she’ll be going to them. In a series of live events across the country," NPR says on its site. She’ll tackle today’s hotly contested racial justice issues, including reproductive justice and voting rights:

NPR’s Michel Martin is taking the studio to the story, she’s going where the nation’s most important conversations are happening. Martin will be telling these stories from their epicenter and in partnership with NPR Member Stations, giving local stories national resonance. NPR Presents Michel Martin, a series of live events across the country, launches Friday Sept. 19 in New York City.


In October, Martin will join WFAE in Charlotte to examine The Voting Rights Divide and in December, Women and Leadership in Washington DC. In January 2015 she will be in Dallas with KERA, tackling Football and Ethics, and Miami in February to explore Children and Immigration with WLRN. Each event topic, dynamic and execution will be specific to the city’s character and flavor. The events will carry through to related stories on NPR’s news magazines and the conversation will continue on social media.

Rather than radio playing out on stage, NPR Presents Michel Martin will hold fresh, dynamic conversations with a live audience and people around the world joining on social media, to explore issues through their narratives and personal experiences. Guests with different perspectives and histories will be connected in civil discourse to share ideas, hopes, frustrations and solutions. The public can take part in the conversation by following @NPRMichel on Twitter and on Facebook at Facebook.com/NPRMichel.

Seems like a dynamic new direction for NPR’s 27 million listeners. The live events begin this fall. Go to NPR to read more