Michael Knight – INNOVATOR

Moving a new Black style from the ATL to the tents at Bryant Park.

By Andre Banks Jan 15, 2007

Moving a new Black style from the ATL to the tents at Bryant Park

He didn’t win, but you wanted him to.

The people’s champion in the third season of Bravo’s runaway hit Project Runway, Michael Knight has gone from Georgia peach to couture superstar in less time than it takes Michael Kors or host Heidi Klum to question your "taste level." From his first garment, constructed entirely of coffee filters, to the more polished collection shown under the tents at Bryant Park, Knight has brought the sleek, bold and undeniably Black style of his adopted Atlanta into the spotlight and maybe soon to a store near you.

And in 2007?

"I’m going to continue to work with my clients. I’m going to produce a collection for a few boutiques. I’m going to make an album. I’m doing a cologne, a home line, a fashion magazine, a pattern-making company. I’m going to do it all," Knight said in his exit video for the show.

We just hope he does it well.

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