Michael Jackson’s Estate Releases ‘Scream’ Compilation, Augmented Reality Experience

By Sameer Rao Sep 29, 2017

Some of Michael Jackson‘s most famous long-form videos, like "Thriller" and "Ghosts," centered his love of horror film imagery. "Michael Jackson’s Scream," a new collection released by his estate and Sony/Legacy Records today (September 29), channels that theme over 13 songs and two spooky augmented reality (AR) experiences.

According to the website for the new project, fans who purchase the "Scream" CD or upcoming glow-in-the-dark vinyl set will receive an exclusive poster. Listeners can then scan the poster with the Shazam mobile app to unlock the first AR experience.

Augmented reality uses computer-generated images to artificially change what a user sees through their mobile device’s camera. Unlike virtual reality, AR does not require headsets that completely immerse users in another digital world.

Billboard reports that the "Scream" experience is both the estate and Shazam’s first foray into the still-growing world of AR. The outlet adds that "Scream" billboards and posters will pop up in major cities around the world today. These visuals will have their own Shazam scan codes to unlock an experience "inspired by the album’s cover art."

The "Scream" album features hits like the aforementioned "Ghosts" and "Thriller," as well as "Dangerous" and "Leave Me Alone." The collection’s name comes from Michael Jackson’s 1995 song with his sister and fellow pop icon, Janet Jackson, which also features on the album.