Metro Detroit High School Takes Action Against Students in Racist Video

By Sameer Rao Jun 03, 2016

The principal of Metro Detroit’s Grosse Pointe South High School reached out to school community members Wednesday (June 1) after several students appeared in a video discussing what they would do to African Americans if they were president. 

"Over the weekend a handful of Grosse Pointe teens, including three South students, chose to record a video that included offensive, racist statements regarding African Americans," principal Moussa Hamka wrote in the email, which was reprinted in full by Fox 2. "While no specific students or members of our community were mentioned in the video, the comments made are deplorable."

Without naming the students or specific sanctions, Hamka said that administrators "are making appropriate decisions regarding consequences for those involved, including student separations from school."

The video, viewable here, circulated on social media after the Memorial Day weekend. It showed several students interviewing each other about what they would do to Black people if they became president. "We’re not gonna put ’em in coffins,’ said one, "We’re gonna put them in the river."

"They looked like they were drunk, but that’s no excuse," one Black South High senior told the Detroit Free Press. "We just had an incident a few months ago, and we have all these things still happening. But I’m happy our principal addressed it."

That earlier incident involved several South High students posing at a party with the n-word scrawled on their abdomens.

(H/t Fusion)