Memorial Day Must Reads

By Malena Amusa May 28, 2007

This year’s Memorial Day feels especially unique. Because as a part of its commemoration of soldiers past, there is a global grappling to answer so much- the reasons behind the failed war in Iraq, Bush’s low approval ratings, the decreasing rate of Blacks enlisting in the military, soft coverage of the war, and the inability of Americans to rally behind Bush’s impeachment. In an attempt to explain some of these problems, here are some stories worth reading. Why journalist are giving up on covering Iraq. Sandy Levinson writes: There are so many potential topics to write about on this Memorial Day. One of them is the subject of an excellent piece in Monday’s New York Times, by David Carr on the decreasing news coverage of the War (because of expense and danger), coupled with ever more authoritarian rules adopted by the military. Why Blacks aren’t enlisting. D.R. Scott’s Pulp Culture writes: In a fascinating and provocative essay, Boston Globe columnist Derrick Z. Jackson explains how and why enlistments of African-Americans are at their lowest numbers since the all-volunteer military was created in 1973. "This is not a black people’s war," an African-American veteran of the Iraq war said. "This is not a poor people’s war. This is an oilman’s war." Can the Democrats impeach Bush? Alternet reports: Stephen Colbert challenges the Democrats to impeach Bush now. He’s just been taunting you all these years with the outing of Valerie Plame, WMD lies, Katrina tragedy, wiretapping, attorney firings, etc. etc. etc… See Colbert Video here.