Meet Joe Arpaio’s Celebrity Posse

The controversial sheriff has enlisted the help of big name, but mostly washed up, celebs to help fight his cause.

By Jamilah King Nov 23, 2010

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s got friends. Famous friends, apparently. And so far he’s succeeded in getting some of them involved in his anti-immigrant crusade in Arizona.

In a recent press release, Arpaio announced that Lou Ferrigno, of "The Incredible Hulk Fame", had decided to join Arpaio’s posse of 55 volunteers and hunt down "round up illegals" — or, presumably people who look like they’re undocumented — in the Phoenix area. The crew also includes Dick Tracy and Wyatt Earp. (Remember them? Yeah, me neither.)

"I am here because of my strong stance," Ferrigno said, according to news reports. "This posse is the power of the country."

Action film star Steven Seagal is also expected to join Arpaio’s posse, along with actor Peter Lupus who made his mark with "Mission: Impossible."

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Apparently, none of the stars will get any special treatment.

"They will wear the same uniforms, so you can’t tell the difference, " Arpaio told reporters, adding that the posse plans to work with sheriff’s deputies in targeted smugglers and business suspected of employing undocumented migrant workers.

The crew might want to be careful, though. Arpaio is already fighting Justice Department allegations that his office has been discriminating against undocumented people in their custody. He’s been accused of targeting judges and public employees who disagree with his tactics. And an additional twenty people have filed claims accusing the sheriff’s office of misconduct. The Arizona Republic reported that Maricopa County decided to spend $10.1 million to defend Arpaio’s lawless antics.